The West Brabant Waterline
South of our country against Belgium, the West Brabant Waterline lies between Bergen op Zoom and Steenbergen. The line was constructed at the initiative of Holland and the States of Zeeland to defend the Spaniards. This short line defended the island of Tholen, the sailing connection (de Eendracht) between Zeeland and Holland and of course the fortified towns Bergen op Zoom and Steenbergen which are part of the line. This line also works with fortified towns, fortresses and inundations (deliberate flooding of land).

The West Brabant Waterline was merged into the in 1698 Southern FrontierAlso known as the South Water Line.

Bergen op Zoom West Brabant Waterline

Route of the West Brabant Waterline

This water line is very short and, as the name suggests, is located in the west of the province of North Brabant. The line runs from the city  Bergen op Zoom to Steenbergen.

West Brabant Waterline
West Brabant Waterline

Use of the West Brabant Waterline

The line has been used no less than six times with inundations, four times against the French, once against the Spaniards and once against the Belgians.

Inundations with fresh and salt water

The special thing about this line is that it involves both fresh and salt water. Sweet from the rivers from the east side and salt from Zeeland, the west side.