Schoonhoven, tourist information

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Coat of arms of Schoonhoven
Coat of arms of Schoonhoven

Number of inhabitants: 13.000
Number of national monuments: 200

Summary of Schoonhoven

Schoonhoven is a very nice place fortified town on the Lek in the province of South Holland. The city is known as Silver City because in the 14th century there were already many silversmiths in the fortified city who received orders from the lords of the castle. At the moment, this can still be seen by the Silver Museum and the Schoonhoven vocational school, including the Silversmith training, the only one in the Netherlands. A visit to the fortified city is definitely worth it and you can also enjoy shopping at the many shops or enjoy a snack and drink at one of the many catering establishments.

Interesting history of Schoonhoven

Sconhouen, that is how Schoonhoven was first mentioned in the year 1247. In the middle of the 13th century there was a castle along the peat river the Zevender, where the Doelenplein in Schoonhoven is now located. The lords of the castle gave silversmiths orders to forge items for them, so the silversmiths settled near the castle and Schoonhoven eventually became Silver City. In 1518 there was a large city fire, which unfortunately largely burned down this castle.

The location on the river Lek makes it a good place to create a fortified city, especially because Schoonhoven is located in the Old Dutch Waterline. On the other side of the Lek is the fortified town of Nieuwpoort, which means that the shipping connection through the Lek can be well defended by both fortified towns.

Schoonhoven Landmarks

Schoonhoven is a nice and historic fortified city, fortunately much of the long history has been preserved which you can still admire to this day! Many typical fortress parts are of course worth seeing.
The most appealing sights are:
– The Ferry Gate on the Wal
– The City Hall on the Stadhuisstraat/Haven
– The Dutch Silver Museum at Kazerneplein
– The Grote or Bartholomeüskerk on Kerkstraat/Haven
– Synagogue, now the Edelambachtshuis on the Haven
– The Doelenhuis on the Doelenplein
– The Stadskorenpakhuis on the Koestraat
– The Water Tower on At the Water Tower

Shopping in Schoonhoven

Schoonhoven has a selection of no fewer than 150 shops in the cozy city streets! You can enjoy functional shopping in Schoonhoven, but also suitable for fun shopping.

Shopping evening:
That is possible on Friday evening.

Shopping Sunday:
The last Sunday of the month.

Activities in Schoonhoven

Do you want to do something in Schoonhoven? That is also possible! You can go to the Silver Museum, but you can also visit one of the more than 20 goldsmiths in the city. There are various galleries and studios for art.
There is also a theater and if you feel like walking there are several city walks.


- Silver Museum, click here for the site.

– City walks, click here for the site.


- Unfortunately not present in Schoonhoven. For this you can divert to Gouda.

- Art Theater, click here for the site.

Nature & Parks in Schoonhoven

You can relax in Schoonhoven in the Springerpark
You can also enjoy a nice walk along the Lekdijk or walk through the open polder landscape on the north side of Schoonhoven (Lopikerweg, Vinkenpad).

Steps in Schoonhoven

Schoonhoven is a great place to go out, the many catering establishments and the many terraces provide a good atmosphere for a pleasant evening! You can also go to a large nightlife on the Opweg, which is open every weekend.

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