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Coat of arms of Hattem
Coat of arms of Hattem

Number of inhabitants: 12.307
Number of national monuments: 76

Summary of Hattem

Grote-of Andreaskerk in Hattem
Grote-of Andreaskerk in Hattem

In the fortified town en Hanseatic city Hattem you can enjoy yourself for a morning or afternoon. You can experience history in this well-arranged town, with beautiful monuments such as the Dijkpoort, the Town Hall and the Grote-of Andreaskerk.

Walk through the city with a guide, experience the bakery in the Bakery Museum or view paintings in one of the other two museums. View and climb the Dijkpoort, go shopping in the center and relax in a park or restaurant.

Hattem is definitely worth a visit!

Interesting history of Hattem

The Market in Hattem
The Market in Hattem

Hattem is a very historic town which is mentioned as early as 800, but it does not yet have a church or chapel, but the inhabitants most likely went to Vaassen for the church. At that time people only went to church on animal days and special occasions.

In the year 1176 Hattem got a church on the Gaedsbergh, also called Godsberg, from oushet there was a chapel here. However, the church was later moved to the current, higher location of the Grote-of Andreaskerk.

Hattem on the Gaedsbergh received city rights in 1298, after which residents of Hattem were welcome at the dinners, so Hattem will have had city rights for some time. When the city rights were obtained is not clear, at least before 1299.

Due to its good location on the IJssel, Hattem became an important trading city which joined the Hanseatic League in 1299 and Hattem became a Hanseatic city.

In 1404 the castle De Dikke Tinne was built, which unfortunately fell into disrepair in the year 1567. The castle was demolished in 1778 and the stones were sold. Now all that remains on the Tinneplein, above the parking garage, is the contours and in the Adelaarshoek street a piece of wall and gate.

The dilapidated Dijkpoort was restored in 1908, the turrets that now sit on it were designed by architect Pierre Cuypers after the example of other city gates in the Netherlands.

Points of Interest - Hattem

The Town Hall of Hattem
The Town Hall of Hattem

Hattem is very cozy and very worth seeing. The picturesque historic town is small and therefore well-arranged and easy to view and can even be combined with another place on the same day.

The most eye-catching sight is the Dijkpoort, an entrance gate which was part of the city wall. There used to be a somewhat younger gate in front of it, but it has disappeared. The Dijkpoort was restored in 1908 when it fell into disrepair, the turrets on the gate were devised by architect Pierre Cuypers. You can still climb the tower and view it during a visit to the studio.

Also very striking is the beautiful Grote-of Andreaskerk, a beautiful Gothic building on the Markt.

Also on the market is the Town Hall of Hattem, a beautiful red and white colored building from the 16th century.

It is also recommended to visit or even visit the following sights:

  • Anton Pieck Museum
  • Voerman Museum Hattem
  • Bakery Museum
  • Remnants of Dikke Tinne (Tinneplein)
  • Windmill The Fortune
  • Parts of the old city wall and city gardens


Shopping in Hattem

Shopping in the Kerkstraat in Hattem
Shopping in the Kerkstraat in Hattem

The Kerkstraat is a pleasant shopping street with many nice shops with a wide range of products. The Kruisstraat towards the Dijkpoort also has several nice shops. In Hattem you can buy nice things in a pleasant way.

But if you really want to go shopping, you better go to Zwolle, on the other side of the IJssel.

Shopping evening:


Shopping Sundays:

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Things to do in Hattema

Windmill De Fortune in Hattem
Windmill De Fortune in Hattem

You can climb the Dijkpoort, take a guided walk through the city or visit one of the three museums! Discover the city in a fun way.

Click on the buttons below for more information.

  • Dutch Bakery Museum, click here for the site.
  • Anton Pieck Museum, the largest collection of works by Anton Pieck. click here for the site.
  • Voerman Museum Hattem, collection of paintings by Jan Voerman sr., Jan Voerman jr., Jo Koster and many others, but also history and archaeology. click here for the site.
  • Take a guided walking route through Hattem, more information at the VVV on the Markt
  • View and climb the Dijkpoort, here is a studio. Click here for the website and opening times.

Unfortunately no cinemas in Hattem, you can go to for this Zwolle, on the other side of the IJssel.

Unfortunately no theater in Hattem, for this you can go to Zwolle, on the other side of the IJssel.

Nature & parks in Hattema

Park Hattem
Park Hattem

You can enjoy yourself in Hattem in the green by following the city walls, culminating in the Verkentoren and Park Hattem, this is a wonderful place to relax. Or how about walking along the water towards the IJssel.

In addition, Hattem is located against the northern area of ​​the Veluwe, with endless relaxation options in nature!

Steps in Hattem

The Market in Hattem
The Market in Hattem

In Hattem you can eat, drink or have a drink in one of the restaurants or on the terraces, enough to enjoy a wonderful afternoon or evening. If you really want to go all out and want to go out in the evening / night, you can move to Zwolle.

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