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Coat of arms of Gouda
Coat of arms of Gouda

Number of inhabitants: 75.000
Number of national monuments: 355

Summary of Gouda

The Fish Market in Gouda
The Fish Market in Gouda

Gouda is located in the Randstad, in the province of South Holland. The municipality of Gouda is still the 48th municipality in the Netherlands, Gouda has about 71.000 inhabitants. The city is very cozy and there are plenty of terraces and plenty of shops. This city is also worth a visit. Just like the city of Alkmaar, the city of Gouda is known for its cheese. There is also a cheese market.

Interesting history of Gouda

The Lazarus Gate In Gouda
The Lazarus Gate In Gouda

You also have a beautiful church, called the Saint John. What is so nice about this church is that it is the longest church in the Netherlands. This is not that the church is high, but because the church is very long, the church is 123 meters long, so quite long. the stained glass windows are also very special you can read the whole story of the bible in the windows.

There is also another major attraction, this is also a church and the church stands on a canal. The church has a four-ring tower of 80 meters high.
There are also many locks in and around Gouda. In short, do you like cultural heritage? Then you have come to the right place at Gouda!

Gouda Landmarks

The St. John's Church in Gouda
The St. John's Church in Gouda

The city of Gouda is a nice cozy city, has 354 national monuments and is therefore worth a visit. A large part of the center is protected cityscape. Gouda is a nice city with a number of great sights, one of these sights is the 15th century old town hall. This is also the oldest town hall in the Netherlands.

Shopping in Gouda

The Lange Tiendeweg in Gouda
The Lange Tiendeweg in Gouda

Do you like shopping? Take a look in Gouda in the city center of Gouda, there are about 400 shops. In total there are 500 shops, this includes the community centers. In the center of Gouda it is fun shopping and there is something for every target group. The shopkeepers are generally friendly and happy to help, that's what we discovered. The best-known and most popular shopping streets include: “the Keiweg, the Tiendeweg and even if it rains there is also a solution, because you can go to the Nieuwe Markt Passage.”

Gouda cheese:

Shopping evening: Thursday

Activities in Gouda

Gouda's Cheese Market
Gouda's Cheese Market

Culture can also be found in this city
There are also 2 cinemas for the evening, 1 is located in the Akkeren district and the other is located at the Bloemendaal Central Station exit.
If you prefer to go to the theater, you can also go and have a look at the city theatre, this theater was declared theater of the year in 2011.

Do you want to go to a museum that is also possible in Gouda
You have, among others, the Catharina Gasthuis, which is a museum with altar pieces from the 16th century and 19th century paintings.
You also have the museum of Mondrian. In addition, you have the harbor museum Gouda and the Resistance museum South Holland

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  • Freedom Experience.(Opening 2022)
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  • Gouda movie house. cinema with special program. Click here for the site.
  • Cinema Gouda. cinema with regular program. Click here for the site.
  • The Gouda Theatre. Click here for the site.
  • The Theaterbakkerheij, click here for the calendar.

Nature & Parks in Gouda

The Houtmanans path in Gouda
The Houtmanans path in Gouda

The city of Gouda is not located in a wooded area, but there are a number of large parks in the city, including: Van Bergen IJzendoorn Park, Het Goudse Hout or Groenhoven Park. Finally, we have De Groene Wal.

Steps in Gouda

The Market in Gouda
The Market in Gouda

In Gouda you will find many terraces where you can enjoy yourself. Most terraces can be found on the Markt, Gouda does not offer much in terms of steps. If you want to go crazy, it's best to move to The Hague of Rotterdam of Leiden . or Utrecht

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