Gorinchem, tourist information

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Coat of arms of Gorinchem
Coat of arms of Gorinchem

Number of inhabitants: 37.000
Number of national monuments: 245

Summary of Gorinchem

Gorinchem is a beautiful fortified city which originated on the rivers Linge and Boven-Merwede (Waal) and was an important city for the Dutch water lines. There is plenty to do in this fortified city to keep you entertained for a day and definitely worth a visit. Wander through the historic streets along many nice shops, terraces and canals.

Interesting history of Gorinchem

Because of its location on the rivers, around 1000 fishermen and farmers found the piece of land where Gorinchem is now a good place to found a settlement. At the end of the 13th century, the city was fortified by building a palisade around it, a kind of wall with poles.

About half a century later, in the middle of the 14th century, a stone wall was added and Gorinchem became a city with 23 towers and 7 city gates. On November 11, 1382, the city was granted its city rights.

After several battles for the city and a major city fire in 1388, the walls were very weakened at the end of the 16th century, a new rampart with eleven walls was built. bastions. The city thus became twice as big and is the rampart which is still present in the city today. There were four city gates of which only one remains, the Dalem Gate. The other city gates have been removed because traffic had to be able to enter the city, the Water Gate can still be found at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

In 1815 the fortified town also became part of the New Dutch Waterline.



Gorinchem Landmarks

With 245 national monuments, there is plenty to see in Gorinchem. If you walk through the historic streets and look around or take a tour of the city walls you will see a lot of the city, especially around the Grote Markt it is very pleasant.

What should definitely not be missing from your city trip in Gorinchem are:

  • The Dalem Gate
  • Gorcum's Museum
  • The Great Tower
  • Huge de Groot gate
  • Lingehaven and the
  • Hendrick Hamel Museum


Shopping in Gorinchem

If you feel like shopping, Gorinchem is the right place for you, in the many shops in the city you can find almost everything. Don't forget the Langendijk and the Burgstraat where there are many small shops with a surprising range. Around the Gasthuisstraat you can find many shops of well-known large chains.

Shopping evening:


Shopping Sunday:

Every last Sunday of the month.

Things to do in Gorinchem

  • Mini Museum Listening Post Gorinchem. Click here for the site.
  • Gorcum's Museum. Click here for the site.
  • Fire Museum. Click here for the site.
  • Hendrick Hamel Museum. Click here for the website
  • City walk with guide. Click here for the site.
  • Tower climbing with a tower guide. Click here for the site.
  • Fort Vuren. Click here for web site.
  • VUE Gorinchem. cinema with regular program, Klik here for the site.
  • Theater The Five Sentences. Click here for the site.
  • TheaterHouse Gorinchem. Click here for the site.
  • Theater 't Pand. Click here for the site.
  • LUSA Foundation. Click here for the site.
  • Theater Peeriscoop Foundation. Click here for the site.

Nature & Parks in Gorinchem

The city and surroundings of Gorinchem are not very green, but a walk over the city walls or along the river Boven-Merwede gives a very free, green and natural feeling. With a drive of about 20 kilometers to the southwest you arrive in the green oasis De Biesbosch, where you can take long walks or boat trips.

Steps in Gorinchem

The many terraces, restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs ensure that you can enjoy an evening in Gorinchem. You can find various entertainment venues around the Grote Mart and Kerksteeg.

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