Giethoorn, tourist information

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Coat of arms of Giethoorn
Coat of arms of Giethoorn

Number of inhabitants: 2.630
Number of national monuments: 43

Summary of Giethoorn

In the north-west of the province of Overijssel is the small village of Giethoorn, but a very touristic village with worldwide fame and even a square on the game board of the world edition of Monopoly.
Giethoorn, also called the Venice of the North because the village is car-free and the houses can be reached by boat. The many canals and bridges give a relaxing feeling, even though it is always busy with walking and sailing tourists.

Interesting history of Giethoorn

In the year 1170 there was the storm surge “Allerheilgen Flood” in the Netherlands, which flooded large parts of the Netherlands. Future residents of the submerged peat area found many goat horns on the spot where Giethoorn is located, so that the name Geytenhoren was coined for the village and that is today Giethoorn.

After the year 1200 so-called Flagellants traveled through Europe, these were a kind of vagabonds who also attracted many criminals to join the group. When such a group ended up in the city of Utrecht, the Bishop of the city obliged them to settle in a permanent place in 1290 and that became the peat area where Giethoorn is now located. The Flagellants were probably the first inhabitants of
“Geytenhoren”, but it is also possible that it was a group of poor people without a permanent place to live.

Giethoorn Landmarks

The entire village is a major attraction. The canals, the bridges and the many beautiful farms make the entire village very picturesque. In addition, the water-rich nature around the village is also worth a visit.
The best way to see the sights is by renting a whisper boat or taking part in a canal cruise.

Shopping in Giethoorn

Buying a nice souvenir or decoration for your home in Giethoorn is fine, but for some nice shopping you can divert to the cities, for example. Meppel of Zwolle.

Giethoorn Activities

Because Giethoorn has become a major tourist attraction, there are various activities to do. The most important activity is of course sailing through the many canals, which should not be missed when visiting Giethoorn.

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Unfortunately not present, you can divert to the cities for this Meppel of Zwolle

Unfortunately not present, you can divert to the cities for this Meppel of Zwolle

Nature & Parks in Giethoorn

Giethoorn is full of nature! The village itself is green and the area around it too, so you can walk in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Because of the many waters it is fantastic to relax here from a boat.

Steps in Giethoorn

Due to the large influx of tourism there are plenty of restaurants, eateries and hotels in Giethoorn.

For further nightlife you can move to the cities Meppel of Zwolle

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