Blokzijl, tourist information

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Coat of arms of Blokzijl
Coat of arms of Blokzijl

Number of inhabitants: 1.320
Number of national monuments: 58

Summary of Blokzijl

Blokzijl is a small fortified town with a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. The monumental buildings, various catering establishments and the harbor make Blokzijl absolutely worth a visit. The 17th century buildings give Blokzuil a very urban atmosphere.

However beautiful and cozy this fortress town is, it is a small town and you don't have to spend a lot of time on it.

Interesting history of Blokzijl

The Kuipersluisje in the river Steenwijker Aa to the Zuiderzee was reinforced in 1581 with a fort. This fortress has grown into the fortified town of Blokzijl, the name Blokzijl literally means "fortified lock", another word for lock is also "zijl".

In the middle of the 17th century peat became the main fuel for heat and Blokzijl became the main export port for peat. Due to this development, the city grew rapidly and a large harbor was built near the city.

Willem III rewarded Blokzijl with city rights in 1672, because the city offered good resistance against Bommen Berend. However, the city unfortunately lost its city rights quickly due to the loss of power.

In the third quarter of the 17th century Blokzijl became a less and less important export port for peat, so that the growth of the city came to a halt.


Blokzijl Landmarks

Blokzijl has a view from around the harbor so that you can view the city in a nice and clear way and almost in its entirety.

Buildings that will definitely catch your eye and not to be missed are:

  • The Great Church
  • Mauritshuis

Furthermore, it is worthwhile to walk into the Oude Verlaat and view the buildings.

Shopping in Blokzijl

On the Waterkeringpad you can find a few small-scale cozy shops to buy something and for daily shopping there is a compact supermarket. Please note, because the shops are located on a very narrow and quite busy, only through road in Blokzijl.


Activities in Blokzijl

In Blokzijl you will find the Museum Het Gildenhuys, and from the museum you can also take guided tours of the city.

Furthermore, we recommend you for culture to Meppel or to travel to Emmeloord.

Shopping evening:

Friday (Supermarket)

Sunday shopping

Every Sunday (not the smaller shops in the winter season)

  • Museum Het Gildenhuys, click here for the site.
  • city ​​walk through the museum, click here for the site.

Not present in Blokzijl.


  • Movieskoop Cinemas Emmeloord (>15,4 km), cinema with regular program. Click here for the site.
  • Luxor Cinemas Meppel (>25,3 km), cinema with regular program. Click here for the site.

Not present in Blokzijl


  • Theater 't Voorhuys in Emmeloord (>15,3 km). Click here for the site.
  • Theater Ogterop Meppel (>25,8 km). Click here for the site.

Nature & Parks in Blokzijl

Blokzijl is the right place for nature, there is a lot of water and greenery in the area.

Several lakes, the Giethoornse Meer, Beulakerwiede, Belterwijde, Schutsloterwijde and the Zwarte Meer are close by. You can also reach the Weerribben-Wieden National Park in no time.

Steps in Blokzijl

For a small town, Blokzijl has many catering establishments. Fine dining and on a terrace with a beautiful view (of the water) you can relax and have fun.

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