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Coat of arms of Bergen op Zoom
Coat of arms of Bergen op Zoom

Number of inhabitants: 53.090
Number of national monuments: 308

Summary of Bergen op Zoom

The Korenbeursplein in Bergen op Zoom
The Korenbeursplein in Bergen op Zoom

Enjoy the cosiness of Brabant, then come to Bergen op zoom. This fortified city with its cozy center and beautiful buildings is a picture. The city invites you to take a look at Bergen op Zoom.
The town is small but cozy.

Bergen op Zoom is located in the west of the province of North Brabant, the city borders our province of Zeeland.

Interesting history of Bergen op Zoom

The Prison Gate of Bergen op Zoom
The Prison Gate of Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom has a rich history.

The city originated on a sandy ridge in a peat area. Bergen op Zoom was initially part of the land of Breda. at that time the city was governed by the lord of Breda.

When Arnoud van Leuven died in 1287, the Land of Breda was split into 2 separate lordships, or lordships. This is how the Land of Bergen op Zoom was created. In 1533 this lordship was elevated to a Margraviate. In 1801 the city was bought by the Batavian Republic, where it lost all their rights that the city had.

In the year 1212 Bergen op Zoom received city rain. Bergen op Zoom was a large trading city. In the year 1397 Bergen op Zoom was ravaged by a large city fire. This city fire has destroyed almost the entire city. The fire then started in 2 buildings, namely the Green dragon and the Elephant.

In the year 1530 the importance of Bergen op Zoom as a trading city diminished. This is because of the Saint Felix Flood. During the Eighty Years' War, Bergen Op Zoom was given a different function. Namely, the city became a Garrison City (Garrison City is a city where 1 or more army departments were located)
Between 1698 and 1713 the fortifications were heavily modernized. The old walls were demolished and Bergen op Zoom became part of the West Brabant Waterline.

Landmarks in Bergen op Zoom

Ravelijn Bergen op Zoom
Ravelijn Bergen op Zoom

Son fortress city like Bergen op Zoom naturally has many attractions. There are a few things you really must see. These include the Gevangenpoort, which dates from the 14th century. We also recommend that you take a look at the Markiezenhof, which used to be a city palace. Of course there are many more, but you'll have to come and discover them for yourself ;p

Shopping in Bergen op Zoom

the Sint-Josephstraat in Bergen op Zoom
the Sint-Josephstraat in Bergen op Zoom

Have a nice day of shopping! yes then you are also in the right place. There is plenty of shopping fun in Bergen op Zoom. In one of the shopping streets you will find all kinds of shops, from small chains to large retail chains. It is nice that all shopping streets come together on the market. The largest shopping state is called the Woudestraat. you can take a look at the other streets that include the Zuivelstraat & the Fortuinstraat

Bergen op Zoom:
Shopping evening: Friday

Activities in Bergen op Zoom

Theater the Virgin
Theater the Virgin

There are fewer activities in Begen op Zoom. There is a museum, but the theater and cinema are also present in the city.

  •  Prison gate. Click here for the site
  •  City Palace Markiezenhof this is a museum that has a changing exhibition, the museum also pays attention to the history of Bergen op Zoom. click here for the site.
  • Bclimb the sweet lady's gate. click here for the site.
  • Bvisit the town hall
  • Cinema's current, cinema with regular program. click here here for the website

Theater The Virgin. click here for the site

Nature & parks in Bergen op Zoom

The Anton van Dunkerque Park in Bergen op Zoom
The Anton van Dunkerque Park in Bergen op Zoom

Want to escape the busy city center? then take the time to visit one of the parks.

Bergen op Zoom has several parks, for example you can go to the Anton van Dunkerque Park, this is a very beautiful park in English style. You could say that you are walking in Limburg, for example. then there is another large park towards the inner sheath. Here you will find a park called Kijk in de Pot.

Walking in Bergen op Zoom

The Market in Bergen Op Zoom
The Market in Bergen Op Zoom

After a day of strolling around Bergen op Zoom, you can relax on the many terraces or various entertainment venues.

You can have a nice walk in the city, the city has nice bars, a disco and a stage
The entertainment venues are a bit spread out in the center for everyone there is something.

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