The Zuiderfrontier is nowadays also called the Zuiderwaterlinie, but originally the Zuiderfrontier. This line is actually a composition of several defense lines, making it the longest and most used water line in the Netherlands. As the name suggests, this line is located in the south of our country, close to the Belgian border. The Zuiderfrontier also works with fortresses, fortified towns and inundations (deliberate flooding of land).

s'-Hertogensch South Frontier South Water Line

Route of the Southern Frontier

The Zuidwaterlinie actually crosses the whole of North Brabant, from east to west. The line runs through the next fortified towns: by grave, to Ravenstein, 's-Hertogenbosch, GeertruidenbergBreda, Klundert, Willemstad, Steenbergen and Bergen op Zoom.

Zuiderfrontier / Zuidwaterlinie on the map

Use of the Southern Frontier

The Southern Frontier is used against the Spaniards and later also against the French. After 1874, the Southern Frontier was still used for retreating troops, since after the fortifications wed in that year, the focus was more on the New Dutch Waterline.

Breda South Water Line South Frontier