Flag of the province of South Holland
Flag of the province of South Holland

South Holland on the North Sea with beautiful beach and dunes. Behind it many polders, lots of water and beautiful old mills in the landscape.

Beautiful bulb fields with flowers in spring.

There are also many beautiful cities and places in the province of South Holland. Discover them soon and look further on this page!  


You can notice that the city is old, because Brielle used to be the fifth city of Holland in the Middle Ages, Brielle is also one of the best-preserved fortified towns in the Netherlands. The city includes parts of the 17th century.


Delft is a beautiful old city and well worth a visit for everyone, the city once originated on a dug watercourse, called the 'Delf'. Delft is located in the province of South Holland between the major cities of The Hague and Rotterdam.

The city is known for its beautiful historic city center, the canals and of course the worldwide known 'Delft Blue'.


The Hague, also known as 's-Gravenhage, is the capital of the province of South Holland and has approximately 500.000 inhabitants. The Dutch government and parliament are located in the city. The Hague is a cosy, atmospheric city. has many terraces and there is a lot of culture to discover. The Hague ('s-Gravenhage) is an old city with a lot of history.


Dordrecht is the fourth city in the Dutch province of South Holland with approximately 118.665 inhabitants. Dordrecht was the first city in Holland to receive city rights in 1220. In the Middle Ages, the city developed as an important trading city. Dordrecht is really worth a visit.


Gorinchem is a beautiful fortified city which originated on the rivers Linge and Boven-Merwede (Waal) and was an important city for the Dutch water lines. There is plenty to do in this fortified city to keep you entertained for a day and definitely worth a visit. Wander through the historic streets along many nice shops, terraces and canals.


Gouda is located in the Randstad, in the province of South Holland. The municipality of Gouda is still the 48th municipality in the Netherlands, Gouda has about 71.000 inhabitants. The city is very cozy and there are plenty of terraces and plenty of shops. This city is also worth a visit. Just like the city of Alkmaar, the city of Gouda is known for its cheese. There is also a cheese market.


Leiden is an old, cozy city in the province of South Holland. Leiden is particularly known for the oldest university in the Netherlands, but also for its many beautiful historic buildings, courtyards and canals.

Leiden is also called the city of keys, because of the city's coat of arms with the keys. Leiden originated as a dike village, at the place where the old and the new Rhine converge.


The popular coastal town of Noordwijk can be found in the beautiful province of South Holland.
Noordwijk is not a city but a village, this coastal town has a very cozy atmosphere.

This village is nice and busy when the sun shines, even outside the summer season it is nice and busy. For a day of fresh air or sunbathing, it is really worth checking out. Noordwijk is fairly large and has more than 25.000 inhabitants.


Rotterdam is the largest port city in the Netherlands and has approximately 620.000 inhabitants. The city is one of the most striking cities in the Netherlands, due to its striking high-rise buildings. The city dates back to the year 1200, but because of the Second World War, little of this can be seen in the city center. This makes the city no less attractive.


Schoonhoven is a very nice place fortified town on the Lek in the province of South Holland. The city is known as Silver City because in the 14th century there were already many silversmiths in the fortified city who received orders from the lords of the castle. At the moment, this can still be seen by the Silver Museum and the Schoonhoven vocational school, including the Silversmith training, the only one in the Netherlands. A visit to the fortified city is definitely worth it and you can also enjoy shopping at the many shops or enjoy a snack and drink at one of the many catering establishments.