Flag province of Zeeland
Flag province of Zeeland

Zeeland has a lot of water and of course islands! Many beaches, dunes and many panoramic views. Furthermore, many bridges and the delta works.

On these beautiful islands there are also many beautiful cities and places that are worth visiting.

Look further down this page to discover these cities and places!


Goes is a pleasant city in the center of the province of Zeeland and on the island of Zuid-Beveland. It is an old city, the third monument city in Zeeland and has a protected cityscape. Goes used to be a fortified city, this is only recognizable by the star-shaped structure around the city center. The star-shaped structure is green and with water.


Middelburg is a cosy, old, touristic city and the capital of the province of Zeeland. The city dates back to the 9th century, once started as a so-called ring walburg. This ringwalburg had to protect Walcheren against the Vikings. A rangwalburg is a burg surrounded by a round wall with a moat around it, people could flee to this in case of danger. This burg was the middle burg of Zeeland, hence the name Middelburg.

Middelburg is a bustling tourist city where you can do a lot to make a successful city trip.


Sluis is a very pleasant fortified town, do you want to know what a fortified town is all about? Then look at our information page.
You will find the city of Sluis on the island of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in our water-rich province of Zeeland.

When you walk around in the city of Sluis you will notice that there is a very cozy atmosphere, especially when the sun is shining. In Sluis you can enjoy the many terraces and nice shops. Then you can certainly enjoy the people in Sluis who are generally very social and friendly.


Vlissingen is a real fishing town in Zeeland, Vlissingen is a pleasant city and is located on the north side of the Western Scheldt. Vlissingen is worth a visit, if you want to make a nice city trip you have come to the right place.


Zierikzee is a very pleasant and old monument city and fortified city, because the city has many monuments for its size. The city is old and was already mentioned in the year 976 under the name Creka and in the year 1248 King Willem II wrote city rights for Zierikzee.

In the years 1303 and 1304 Zierikzee was besieged several times by Flemish troops, which worked under the leadership of Guy van Namen. The Flemish never succeeded in taking over Zierikzee and were defeated in the Battle of Zierikzee.


Zoutelande is a touristic seaside resort on the Zeeland peninsula of Walcheren. With about 1600 inhabitants, it is only a small village, but certainly in the summer period a very touristic attraction. This is thanks to the pleasant village, with a beautiful bathing beach on the Westerschelde on the other side of the dike and dunes.