Flag province of Utrecht
Flag province of Utrecht

Utrecht, the most central province of the Netherlands. With a lot of nature, the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Soesterse dunes.

There is also a lot of water in the province with the rivers Lek and Eem, the Eemmeer and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.

Discover the many nice cities and places in the province of Utrecht, take a look further on this page!


Amersfoort is an incredibly pleasant city, when you walk through the city you immediately notice that you are taking a walk through a lot of history. The city is very historic with a large historic center complete with walls and gates. The city is centrally located in the Netherlands with the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren exactly in the middle of our country. The city is large and actually has everything to offer to be a top city trip for everyone.


Maarssen is a cozy old village north of the city of Utrecht and has about 15.000 inhabitants. Maarssen is located on the river Vecht and on the busiest canal in the world, the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. Maarssen is especially fun for cultural heritage lovers and in bad weather there is an extensive shopping center in Maarssenbroek.


Utrecht is a large, old city and also the capital of the province of Utrecht of the same name. In Utrecht you can view top old buildings, shop until you're tired of it, relax in nature or go out for a walk. Utrecht is also referred to as the Dom City, named after the most important monument, the Dom tower of more than 112 meters.


Vianen is a cozy old fortified town. The medieval street pattern has not changed so far, Vianen is very pleasant to visit. The atmosphere in the city is pleasant and invites you to explore the city further.


Wijk bij Duurstede is a cozy fortified town with about 23.000 inhabitants. It is a very old town and used to be an important trading city under the name Dorestad. Around 1270 a castle was built, on which a city was to grow. You cannot escape water in the city, rivers flow in and around the city.


Woerden is a pleasant fortified town in the province of Utrecht on the Oude Rijn. The city has cozy squares, beautiful monuments, a castle and in summer a real cheese market where real cheese is still traded. If you are in the vicinity of Woerden you should take a look at the city center. If you are by car and you park in the Castellum parking garage, you are actually already in a museum