Flag province of North Brabant
Flag province of North Brabant

Many nature reserves and beautiful rivers along the border of the province make North Brabant a beautiful province to visit. 

A province with a long waterline, Zuidwaterlinie (Southern Frontier), because most of the danger came from the south.

The province has many cozy fortified towns, larger cities and places that are worth visiting.

Look further on this page to discover those places!


Enjoy the cosiness of Brabant, then come to Bergen op zoom. This fortified city with its cozy center and beautiful buildings is a picture. The city invites you to take a look at Bergen op Zoom.
The town is small but cozy.

Bergen op Zoom is located in the west of the province of North Brabant, the city borders our province of Zeeland.


Breda is a very pleasant old city in Brabant, with about 180.000 inhabitants and many students, it is always bustling. A cozy old Oranjestad, because there was a good relationship with the house Nassau, or the oranges.

Breda Castle had an important function, where the Royal Military Academy has been located since 1826. The historic city center has been created around this castle.

You can enjoy yourself with historic buildings, shopping, nature and culture. Nobody will get bored in Breda!


Eindhoven in North Brabant was originally a small fortified city on the Bommel, but nowadays a modern large student city.

Eindhoven is also called the city of light of the Netherlands, this is due to the match factory that settled in the city around 1870. The company grew quickly and in 1880 the second factory was built, so that matches were soon produced for the whole world. In 1891, a factory for light bulbs started in Eindhoven, which did not give rise to the name “City of Lights”, but undoubtedly reinforced it.

A well-known slogan for the city is “Eindhoven the craziest!”, which was created by a PSV supporter. Eindhoven is now a vibrant modern city, which has everything to offer that you can expect from a large city.


Geertruidenberg is a cozy old fortified town and is now located in the province of Brabant, which used to be part of the province of Holland. Geertruidenberg is an old town that has been through a lot and is monumentally worth a visit, the city is fairly touristy.


Grave is a pleasant historic fortified town in the province of North Brabant. With its characteristic and picturesque impression, the town is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area and the many terraces give a cozy atmosphere. The town of grave is already mentioned in 1214.


In the always pleasant Brabant is a nice touristic family town, namely Oosterhout!
Oosterhout is a small town, but very nice to visit.

The city is mainly known for shopping, greenery and its many terraces.


s-Hertogenbosch, also often referred to as *Den Bosch*, is the main street of the province of North Brabant. s-Hertogenbosch is an old city that received city rights in 1184, making s-Hertogenbosch one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands.

The city was created by traders who settled at the confluence of the river Dommel and the Brabantse Aa.


Willemstad in the Netherlands is a small cozy fortified town with a nice story. The small fortified town is named after Willem de Zwijger (Prince William of Orange), it was Willem himself who gave the order to build this fortified town. Willem unfortunately did not see the completion of the city, he was murdered a year earlier in Delft, this was on July 10 in the year 1584. We will certainly come back to this later in the story.

Willemstad The Netherlands is a fortified town where time has actually stood still for a long time, the city has not changed since 1585. This makes it definitely worth stopping in Willemstad.