Flag province of Flevoland
Flag province of Flevoland

Flevoland is the youngest and therefore the twelfth province in the Netherlands. This was the largest reclamation project ever. Everything about this province is therefore very modern, except for the island of Urk, which has been reclaimed with it.

In Flevoland you will find many windmills, the largest flower bulb area and the nature reserves Oostvaardersplassen and Horsterwold.

You will also find places that are worth visiting, look further on this page to discover them.


Almere is a young city in the province of Flevoland, in 1975 the first plans were to build on the place where Almere is now, with almost 200.000 inhabitants! The IJsselmeerpolders (Flevoland) were actually intended exclusively for agriculture, but soon after the Second World War it was discovered that the growing population needed more space. In Amsterdam in particular, the need was great, this created the sketched city of 'Southwest City', which is now called Almere. The name Almere comes from the former lake Almere, which used to be at that location. Lelystad, also in the province of Flevoland, was created by the shortage of space for the growing population.


Lelystad is a city on the Flevopolder and is named after Cornelis Lely, the so-called father of the Zuiderzee Works. The city was founded in 1967 and is therefore one of the youngest residences in the Netherlands with more than 75.000 inhabitants.