Flag of the province of Gelderland
Flag of the province of Gelderland

Gelderland is a province with a lot of nature with the Veluwe in the province. 

Many rivers, forests, sandy plains and moors make it a beautiful province to visit.

There are also plenty of beautiful (historical) cities and places that are more than worth visiting. Continue reading this page to discover it!


The city of Apeldoorn is centrally located in our country, namely in the west of the province of Gelderland.

The city is also known for its wide range of shops, so shop lovers should definitely pay a visit to Apeldoorn.

But nature lovers could also enjoy themselves in the city, Apeldoorn is surrounded by greenery, there are also many attractions for young and old. Apeldoorn does not officially have city rights.


Arnhem is the capital of the province of Gelderland and has around 150.000 inhabitants. The city has a lot to offer to keep you entertained. Arnhem is located on the river Nederrijn and in the city you will also come across the Sint-Jansbeek, on which the city once developed. The city has been described a lot in the history books.


Culemborg is a nice, cozy fortified town. The city is located in the province of Gelderland, Culemborg is a city where you have everything. The town is located on the river Lek and the town is definitely worth a visit.


In the middle of the province of Gelderland you will find the nice cozy town of Doesburg. The city is located in a green environment and is a fortress and Hanseatic city. The population of Doesburg is approximately 11.330 and has 158 national monuments. Then you can go shopping in this city or enjoy the many cultural heritage that Doesburg has to offer.


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The fishing town of Elburg is located in our province of Gelderland.

About 13.000 people live in this pleasant town. The city is located on the Drontermeer and the Veluwemeer.

Elburg is one of the Dutch fortified towns and also a Hanseatic city.

The town has a nice atmosphere and partly because of that we definitely recommend this town!

Elburg is small but nice. But enough hidden stories what? you have to discover that for yourself.


In the north of the province of Gelderland you will find a beautiful fortified town called Harderwijk.
Harderwijk is an atmospheric city, has about 42.500 inhabitants and is worth a visit if you like old cities. The city used to be on the Zuiderzee.


In the fortified town en Hanseatic city Hattem you can enjoy yourself for a morning or afternoon. You can experience history in this well-arranged town, with beautiful monuments such as the Dijkpoort, the Town Hall and the Grote-of Andreaskerk.

Walk through the city with a guide, experience the bakery in the Bakery Museum or view paintings in one of the other two museums. View and climb the Dijkpoort, go shopping in the center and relax in a park or restaurant.

Hattem is definitely worth a visit!


The city of Nijmegen has an atmospheric character, it is also the second oldest city in the Netherlands. The city is very nice to visit, partly because of the cozy terraces and beautiful history. You can complete your city trip in Nijmegen. The city should definitely be on your bucket list of must-visit cities.


Hanseatic city Zaltbommel is a historic, small, but very cozy fortified town with just under 12.000 inhabitants. The fortified city still has a city gate and beautiful star-shaped city walls.

The city is located on the island of De Bommelerwaard and can be reached via 4 permanent river connections. In the year 850 the city of Bommel was already talked about and in the 13th century it received its city rights.


Zutphen is a very pleasant and old Hanseatic city and fortified city in the province of Gelderland, the history of the city started in the year 800 and received city rights between 1191 and 1196. Due to the many towers that the city has, Zutphen is also called tower city. The city has a very cozy character with many historic buildings, terraces and cozy streets.