North Holland is sea, beach, dunes, polders and even more water. A changeable province with many wide faces. 

You can also find plenty of nice seaside resorts and cities in this province.

Look further on this page and discover these places!


The city of Alkmaar is located in North Holland and has approximately 95.000 inhabitants. The city is well known as a cheese city. Alkmaar has a beautiful old city center with no fewer than 399 national monuments and even 700 municipal monuments! Alkmaar is a very nice city and definitely worth a visit.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and with a population of more than 800.000, it is also the largest municipality in the Netherlands. The name Amsterdam comes from a dam that was built in the 13th century in the river De Amstel. Around the year 1300, Amsterdam received city rights and in the golden age it grew into the most important port city in the world.


In the province of North Holland there is a pleasant historic town called Edam. You can certainly describe Edam as a tourist town. But less touristy than the neighboring town of Volendam. Edam is an old city and feels very cozy, so it certainly deserves a place on the list of cozy cities. Friendly people, beautiful buildings and of course the Edam cheese makes the city famous. You will find that in Edam.


Enkhuizen is a city in the province of North Holland.
the city has about 18,400 inhabitants and 366 national monuments.

Enkhuizen is a very pleasant city. This is also a city that is definitely on the list of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.
The city is actually an old port city which sits on the IJsselmeer, and Enkhuizen is also a fortress city. When you walk in Enkhuizen you notice that the city is old.


The beautiful city of Haarlem is the capital of the province of North Holland, Haarlem is a medium-sized city in North Holland.
Haarlem has more than 160.000 inhabitants and is known for the cozy atmosphere that can be found in the city. Haarlem is therefore worth a visit. You can also enjoy endless shopping in Haarlem.


Do you want to visit a pleasant city? Then Hoorn should not be missed, Hoorn is a tourist town with a lot to do. Hoorn is a city where there is everything, there is a lot of heritage, there are many shops and there is also a lot of culture! There is also plenty of greenery.

Hoorn is located in the province of North Holland and has more than 71.000 inhabitants and 420 national monuments.

The city used to be a very important trading city and used to be located on the Zuiderzee. There is still a lot of history to see in the city.


Naarden is a cozy old fortified town in the province of North Holland in the Het Gooi region, Naarden is also the only town in the Gooi. Naarden belonged to the waterline and therefore it was not allowed to build outside the fortress.

The city still has its beautiful shape, ramparts and buildings as it should be in a fortified city. Naarden has had a military function due to its location, this has created a double city wall with canals. Naarden also has city gates, bastions and buildings for weapons and soldiers.


The touristic fishing village of Volendam shows the typical Dutch image. This appearance has made the village a huge tourist attraction. Strolling along the dike with a view of the Markermeer, you will pass the cozy shops, restaurants and bars.

By driving a bit over the dike or taking the boat you can also reach the historic village of Marken in no time. This village has a similar atmosphere, but slightly smaller.


Zaandam is a city located on the river Zaan. The city is also located in the province of North Holland. If you like the real Dutch Glory then you must have been to Zaandam. Zaandam was founded in the year 1811 and is therefore not very old, but it is characteristically Dutch.

The city is known worldwide for the beautiful wooden Zaan houses, as well as the beautiful wooden colored windmills. You will not find this beautiful part of the city directly in the center of the city, but a little further along the Zaan river at the Zaanse Schans. Much has also been built in the Zaan style in the center of Zaandam. So there is plenty to discover in this special Dutch city.

You can shop very well in the center of Zaandam, there is also plenty to discover in the field of Cultural Heritage.


Zandvoort is a very popular seaside resort and Zandvoort is also a pleasant village. The village lives from tourism through the coast and is also well known for the racing circuit (Circuit Park Zandvoort).

Zandvoort is nice to visit once, especially in the summer. This seaside resort is located in the southwest of the province of North Holland.