Groningen is a province with wide views, many meadows and farms. Between the meadows you come across small old villages and here and there a Borg. A borg is an important building, often a large farm leaning towards a small castle.

Groningen also has several larger towns and the city of Groningen which are worth a visit.

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Appingedam is a small but pleasant town in the northeast of the province of Groningen. The city does not have that many inhabitants, the number is about 12.000. The inhabitants of Appingedam are called a Damster or simply an Appingedammer. This town is definitely worth a visit for old building enthusiasts.


Bourtange is a model fortified village in the province of Groningen, it is like a beautiful open-air museum. Read more about fortified towns on our special page, click here. Bourtange is a real model fortress which has been reconstructed. Experience the real atmosphere of a fortified town as it used to be in a fortified village that is virtually car-free. Although it is a fortress, Bourtange has never had city rights and is therefore not a fortified town, but a village.


The city of Groningen is an old, large, cozy city in the north of our country. Groningen has almost 200.000 inhabitants, making it by far the largest city in the north of the Netherlands. Most northerners simply call Groningen “City”. Groningen has a lot of history and is very interesting for cultural heritage lovers. Furthermore, it is ideal for shoppers, culture enthusiasts and walkers.





Veendam is a cozy village in the province of Groningen, it is a green place and is therefore also called Parkstad. The place is located in the Groninger Veenkoloniën and was created during peat excavations, which is why Veendam was created on a canal for the drainage of peat. The canal is nicely decorated with many white bridges and is widely used by tourist vessels.


I would like to go north but I want to see more than the city of Groningen! Some people have that. Then Winschoten is a must.

Winschoten is a city in the east of the province of Groningen, the city has 18.140 inhabitants. Winschoten is a pleasant city partly because the city has a lot to offer.