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Cheese market Alkmaar

Thousands of tourists come to Alkmaar for the cheese market, a cheese market has been held in Alkmaar for a long time. According to old documents there was already a cheese market in the city in 1622 and from 1593 there is evidence that a cheese carriers guild was founded. In Alkmaar the cheese market is a real spectacle, real cheese is no longer traded like in Gouda and Woerden.

Dates cheese market 2022 in Alkmaar:

From April to September every Friday morning from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm.

In addition, in July and August, every Tuesday evening from 19:00 pm to 21:00 pm.

Cheese Market Edam

In the pleasant town of Edam there is still a cheese market to this day, after the commercial market stopped in 1922, a cheese market / spectacle was set up. Real cheese is therefore no longer traded as in Gouda and Woerden, but it is played out. The cheese market in Edam is therefore a major tourist attraction.

Cheese market dates 2022 in Edam:

Every Wednesday morning in July and August from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Gouda cheese market

The most famous cheese in the Netherlands has been traded in Gouda for centuries, the Gouda Cheese. Nowadays only a cheese market remains as a spectacle in Gouda, on the market in front of the Waag. You will find many stalls around the cheese market and you can see how clogs, buttermilk and candles were made in the past.

Dates cheese market 2022 in Gouda:

Every Thursday from 14 Apr 2022 to 15 Sep 2022.

No cheese market on Ascension Day, May 26, but a ceramics market. (Gouda Ceramic Days)

Cheese Market Hoorn

In Hoorn, a beautiful cheese market spectacle is set up in a grand way, you can enjoy the spectacle and see how cheese was traded on this cheese market in the past. Hoorn has traditionally become a real trading city due to its location and the most important commodity was cheese.

Dates cheese market 2022 in Hoorn:

Every Tuesday afternoon, June 18 to August 27, from 13:00 PM to 15:45 PM.

Note: no cheese market on 9 August, but there is a fair.

Cheese Market Woerden

In the cozy fortified town of Woerden you will find a cheese market where real cheese is traded. Also in Woerden you will find the total spectacle of how cheese is traded in a beautiful way.

Dates cheese market 2022 in Woerden:

Every Saturday from June 4 to August 20 from 10:30 am. At 11:00 the 1st show and at 12:00 the second show.