Where do the stories on the website come from?

We visited the cities on ourselves and wrote the stories about the visit afterwards.

Are the cities listed on really visited by the writers?

Yes, all the cities have been visited by the writers. is managed by two people, each city has been jointly visited and assessed by the team.

Where do the photos on the website come from?

The photos that we publish on the website were taken by ourselves and all rights therefore lie with

I am recognizable in a photo and I don't want that, what now?

Our apologies, we try to prevent this as much as possible, but that is not always possible in public space. take contact Contact us and we'll fix this by blurring your face.

I see an error on the website, can I report it?

We do our best to make the website error-free, but of course there are mistakes to be discovered in the large amount of information. If you want to report this we are very grateful, please contact us via the contact page.

I want to advertise on, is this possible?

Yes, we offer the possibility to advertise on, please contact us via the contact page.